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resolved Cannot install Southern Calif HD


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The install is around 160GB ish. It may be that you need to clear any backup files using Orbx central. If you open up central, go to settings then select Downloader, you'll then see the location and size of any backup files. If that total and the 160GB for SOCAL exceed the free space on the drive you will get that not enough free space error. You can though clear the backup files which may then free up the space you need. I personally do not have that backup option checked in Orbx central.


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Good to see you got it sorted. My only concern would be that if no check is made of the free space will the download fail once the drive is filled. I guess you'll find out soon enough.

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 E:\temp is only folder in a new 256GB SSD.  No data installed in it. My System win 10 16mb g ram 3.5hz HD 425mb hd

I purchased truEarth SoCal it did not down load. My ID receipt number is 5fe3cbda5eafd

the only files that down loaded under custom scenery folder is scenery_packs.ini.  File Orbx-central-4.1.28.exe when executed says

 Orbx Central is running click ok to close it.  But has never loaded so how can it be running.  Help

Or immediately refund my cost $48.97 AUD  

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Sorry about you issues. Can you confirm you meet all the requirements for installing SoCal? There is nothing wrong with the addon. It is an installation process that is not working for you and which we need to investigate a resolution. 

I will therefore need you to respond with answers to any questions I ask as it is very difficult from a remote location to see what is gong on. I trust you understand.


1.Please confirm your disk space you have on both disks especially the disk you intend or want to install SoCal on.

2.You mention a SSD which has your Temp folder on is 256Gb and has nothing on it yet.

3.Is it that disk that is also going to be for the installation of the addon as well? I ask because you refer to a 425MB HD? 

4.Which version of SoCal are you wanting to install, HD or SD?

5. i don't understand what you are saying about Orbx Central. Did you download it and did it install itself?

6. If it did, did you then look under the My Products column, see SoCal HD or SD and then choose to install?

7. If you did, then where did you ask it to install. In the XP directory or did you make a library folder on another drive?

8. What drive is your XP installation on and what disk space is free?

9.Is this your first Orbx addon? If so do you have all the prerequisites to allow Orbx Central to run. I attach 2 links. The first is what you need to install a True Earth addon, and the second is what you need to ensure Orbx central will run.



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1, 2, 3 and 4 So Cal version HD unless you recommend otherwise.



The C: drive is the only drive I use.  930 gb free.  I had planned to place So Cal under C:x-plane\Custom Scenery but the installer recommended 

Orbx libraries.    My internet connection is 200mb down load.   


#5 - Yes Orbx Central installed but I did not know to look under product.  I am currently downloading US SO CA HD. 

  Took abt 340 minutes to download. extract and convert.  I launched x-plane and it stayed on reading new scenery files

for 30 minutes.   Wow!  I am amazed.  Lived and worked and flown over San Diego for over 40 years and its all there.  Such and improvement 

far superior to original x-plane.  Frame rates are great 35 to 45. for the first time I can  now see my old home and places Ive worked

an eaten, San Diego State University and more.   The only issue is the ground image colors are slightly dark.  Orange roofs are brown.

Otherwise its great.  Thank you Great Job.   




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