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resolved REX WeatherForce 2020 No Serial Number

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Hello peoples.


Well, I bough my copy yesterday, 10th January 2021. At first, when clicking the 'Install' box in Orbx Central I keep getting this error - TypeError: Cannot read property abbreviation of undefined. Clear as mud! So I submitted a ticket at REX Support [Support | REX Simulations]. While on that page, I see the tab to request a download, so gave that a try while waiting for a reply. The zip file arrived very quickly, and I eagerly unzipped the 2 files. Then it asked for the serial number. I have never seen a serial number or even any other mention of one on any page that I have visited. I submitted another ticket on that subject as well.

So it would seem that it hasn't been fixed!


It's now 17:00 on the 11th January and as yet I have received no reply - not too surprising I suppose as it has only been one working day. I wait with anticipation......


Have fun zipping around the skies everyone

Glenn (a 'newbie')

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that error message, I am told, is reporting that there are files missing in your installation of Orbx Central.

You could try reinstalling it and making sure that all its prerequisite files are also in place.

You Rex serial number is given to you through Rex by Orbx Central, so if you try to bypass it by using a Rex sourced

download, you will indeed have no serial number.

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WoW thanks for the very quick reply. So here's what I just did:

I un-installed Orbx Central

I downloaded all 6 of the prerequisite files (both 32 & 64bit of each). the first 4 failed to install as they are already installed. The 2013 ones required a repair.

I then re-downloaded and installed Orbx Central.

Result: Exactly the same and still no sign of any serial number


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Just got it working. I un-installed and re-installed twice, but only on the second re-install did I decide to re-boot the PC (I am not exactly a computer newbie - I am 67 years old and custom built a few, so I really should have known better. I put it down to advancing years and too long spent in isolation!).


Anyway, after the re-boot, it all sprang into life and now everything is installed nicely. Dinner is currently begging me to eat it, so a full test run in FS will have to wait a while.


Many thanks to you for prompt replies and help getting sorted.


Happy flying days


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Hey there, I've been having this same issue. I purchased this on Feb 8, and could never get it started. Today, I was told there was a server issue that was resolved. But, I am still being asked for a serial number. I've done numerous clean re-installs. Turned my VPN off, added it to my firewall and nothing. I've done what support told me to do - verify files, and sync simulator. I finally checked the central log and it says "unable to retrieve serial key" and "you do not own any serial keys for this product". Not sure what else to do. 

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welcome to the forums.

The key is stored in

C:\Users\your user name\Documents\REX 6\REX Weather Force\profile.xml.

If your path includes OneDrive that might be the problem or if you are not

logged on to Windows as an administrator.

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