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How to deactivate SAM installation in Orbx Central


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Hello! Is there any way to deactivate the automatic installation of SAM plugin with new Airports or with the Verify Data for existing Airports? The Version of SAM in Central is already outdated and always causes trouble with the already installed newer SAM Version with the Payware extensions!

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On 12/22/2020 at 5:07 PM, Jon Clarke said:

SAM should appear in your My Products section of Orbx Central

You can uninstall it there as shown in the pic below:





This it exactly what I already did several times, but everytime when I either install a new Airport (did this with KFAT yesterday) or if I click on "Verifiy Files" in an existing Airport (like LOWW or EDDT) in order to install availabe updates it automatically installes to outdated Version of SAM again and completely messes up my existing SAM installation. I just tried this with the latest Version of Central and it still behaves like described. So I need to manually remove SAM completely from plugins folder and copy back my SAM folder from Backup. And the most annoying thing is that the World Jetways extension gets to "unlicensed" every time I do this and I need to Activate that again. Could you please fix this in Central or actually let the use choose if he wants to intall SAM or not?


18 hours ago, Vostflyer said:

Edit: Disregard, the latest version of Orbx Central seems to detect SAM correctly.

 Unfortunately not. Just tried with the latest version of Central, it still installs SAM 2.0.7 even if there is already a newer version (2.1.7) installed and overwrites the existing version without any notice!.

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By Jove, you are correct. I had seen that SAM was no longer showing as needing updating, in my Orbx Central, and so assumed OC was now correctly detecting the library under Resources/Plugins/SAM/lib. But it turns out it downloaded v 2.0.7 (probably as part of the update to Leeds Bradford).


So yes, back to my original response (which is what my 'disregard' comment referred to), OC should be checking the path Resources/Plugins/SAM/lib, rather than the Custom Scenery folder, when deciding if an update to the SAM library is needed.

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What is your logic for having being an optional download if the scenery needs the plug in? If you are going to use plug ins why wouldn’t you keep your users current? As for having a system that always supplies an old version of the plug in (say for new purchasers of a software) words fail me. Orbx is increasingly using spin like this when issues arise. This rolling back of the plug in gave me two CTDs yesterday and it took me a while to figure out that Orbx was the guilty party.

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Hello hartson,

when a product is available in more than one medium but there is only one source, then there may well

be a short delay between the issue of a new version by the developer and that new version reaching

another source.

This is because the files must be sent across and then manually added to Orbx Central.

Of course you apparently see this as unconscionable.

The remaining comments are entirely unwarranted and of your own invention.

This is clearly a matter for the Orbx Central developers and I will therefore move the topic to their forum.

I will notify them separately of its existence but of course, it is now Christmas, so we must be patient.

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