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Happy Christmas.

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Good health & happiness at Xmas & for the New Year to you Iain, Ayiesha, & last but not least, Mr Rollo!

Since you have been kind enough to introduce Mr Rollo, I will reciprocate.


TTM & Katie, & Cody, [Tibetan Terrier named after Buffalo Bill Cody], Finn, [ Ostensibly Lhasa Apso but a street rescue who's lineage is a bit of a question mark. Named after Neil Finn, from New Zealand band, Crowded House], & then we have the overly well proportioned ex barn cat, Baker, [named after Ginger Baker, the drummer from Cream]:)

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Merry Christmas to all of the Community.


As many of us can not travel to join our loved ones this year, ABC Classic organised a choir which became some 1,500 people from all around the world. They joined together to sing a new Christmas carol, 'Christmas with You'. It was released three days ago.


If you have time, I'd invite you to watch it (link below). Some of you may even get a tear in your eye. 


Welcome - ABC Classic


Stay safe,



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Although I'm a genuine "bah humbug" guy (can't abide anything to do with christmas), it's still good to see everybody here hangin in and sounding cheerful. So - happy . . . christmas (there, I said it) to y'all.


We may have had Covid this year, but we also got MSFS. I hope nobody here has been seriously impacted by the former but that lots have enjoyed the latter.


(Oh, and Iain, give Mr Rollo an extra helping of Dreamies and my best wishes)

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Thanks Iain, hope you and all the  people that frequent Orbx forum have as best a time over the holidays as they can, let's hope 2021 can bring a bit more happiness than 2020, though after a bad end to 2019 I had hope the same for this year.......I'll raise a glass of something to you all....cheers..

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