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Introducing Bastia Poretta Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

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Another interesting choice.

& I am delighted Matteo has chosen an 8,265' long runway:)

Plus with his Olbia & Gaya's Florence it makes a nice triangulated journey.


When I look at screenshots of a new project for the first time, what usually catches my eye is color.

In this case the 1st shot's ochre? building with the green roof does that. Catches the eye. As does the architecture of the airport buildings with their curved roofs. 

If you take Malmo, in simplistic terms it is a large flat airfield with a collection of low boxes assembled as an airport. But what catches the eye, makes it interesting? For me the yellowish color of the assemblage.


Some nice touches at Bastia. The horses, the grader, & other scattered items that lend character to the place.


If one stands back & surveys the flood of payware & freeware airfield & scenery that have rained down on MSFS, I would guess more than 500 pieces are in the market now, Bastia stands out for the care & attention to detail that Matteo has put into it.

It deserves to do well & its a day one for me.



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My goodness this looks fantastic. My wife and I went on a holiday to Corsica years ago (flew into/out of Bastia). It was an amazing place!  Looking at these screenshots I am impressed with the accuracy of this represention. I can literally recognise the foot paths in the airport we used to go and pick up our car hire etc. Amazing attention to detail!

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