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Aerofly FS 2 - Steam Update Navigation Improvements


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Dear Aerofly Users


Ipacs have updated the Aerofly FS 2 Steam version today, mainly improving the navigation.


Change-Log (2020-12-04):


  • Top of climb and top of descent are computed correctly again
  • Constraints at the departure runway and arrival runway are removed from the navigation displays
  • Turns with a defined turn direction (left/right turn to heading) are now flown correctly and no longer end up in endless circles
  • Termination of segments and advancing to the next segment is more robust and the autopilot no longer heads off in a constant direction without following the route
  • Great circle flying has been restored allowing for long segments to be flown correctly (like a direct-to from Zurich to San Francisco)
  • Improvements to the route following of the copilot (which is available when overlay is enabled)
  • Missing navigation data for airports in the North-Eastern USA have been restored
  • A320 MCDU clicking the line select key next to the cruise altitude field now adds a suggested cruise altitude to the scratchpad
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