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Plz help. There is a problem with the airports in Africa America and Asia. Or many more !

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4 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


welcome to the forums.

Something has removed the airport background.

Can you say which Orbx products you are using, where that is

and if it is a default airport or an addon.

Please also attach a copy of C:\programdata\Microsoft\FSX\scenery.cfg


Yes so i am using the global pack and the free Orbx airports addon on .  Just to add, this did not happen with all the airports. Europe was fine but Asia, Africa and America has this same problem. I don't know but before installing the Orbx scenery i had "Rex Worldwide airport enhancer", maybe that caused the problem by me adding the Orbx airport pack on to it and maybe that messed up the textures. 


Thank you very much for helping me out !


I am using P3D v3.2. 

These are all the addons  used in the sim are Orbx global pack, Orbx airport pack ( the freeware), Rex Worldwide Airports Enhancer and RAAS. 

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1 hour ago, aquila561 said:

Which library are you exactly talking about


I think Nick means Mega Airport Helsinki and Finland Base Pack V2 in your P3Dv3 cenery library, also I do not see the Orbx Libraries installed in your scenery.cfg

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