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Blue Fringe Along Coastline

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I'm new at sim in general so please take it easy one me.


I'm on p3d v5 with Global Base and Global Vector (for v5). I notice that the coastlines have unrealistic blue fringe (please see the attached pictures). Some parts even have the blue lines go into the water. I'm not sure how to fix this. Could you please help?


Edit: Since I just started, I don't have that many addons. Please see screenshots for scenery orders. Please note that I have envtex which I thought might interfere with Global Vector, but I have already disabled water in Envtex.


Thank you,








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I also am using Envtex and mine looks the same as yours.

Vector does not alter water color textures.

In comparing the coastlines with Google Earth, I see they are represented fairly accurately for that part of the world.

Disabling the water feature in Envtex I believe does not return the water to default, I think it will only disable any other changes to be made.

To restore default water colors, you will need to delete the P3D shaders, then restart the simulator to rebuild a default set.

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Thank you again for your response. Is it normal to have these blue lines where they are (circled in red). They seem to go into the water. Is there a way to get rid of it? Or is that normal? If other addons are responsible, can you help recommend? Thank you again!


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