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BUG REPORT - Placerville Airport (KPVF) and TrueEarth NorCal HD

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I recently purchased and installed the TrueEarth NorCal product with X-Plane 11.

First, I'll say the quality of the scenery is remarkable, a vast improvement over
the default X-Plane scenery in virtually all respects.

However, there is a problem with the Placerville airport (KPVF) where I am based.
The native topography at KPVF is uniform with a slightly up-sloped rwy 23 but
otherwise flat. The default XP11 airport reflects this topology accurately.

Under the TE NorCal product, there is a substantial saddle in rwy 23 and its taxiway.
Portions of main ramp buildings are float significantly above the ramp surface and
parked aircraft are partially buried in the pavement.  Taxiways on the north end of
the airport are wavy enough that they can produce tail strikes when taxiing.

This seems to be singular to KPVF since I haven't observed significant similar issues
with other local airports.  Would appreciate if someone could review and fix the apparent
problems with the underlying mesh.

See the attached images for examples of the above.





scenery_packs.ini Log.txt

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Welcome to the forums Patrick.

I have adjusted your scenery_packs.ini to reflect a better layering sequence but this will not deal with the anomaly your are reporting.

The mesh in NorCal is superior in detail than the default scenery mesh which is causing the issue you are seeing. The way I can hopefully correct that is to import a copy of the default Gateway KPVF and then "flatten" the runway. This will result in no slope at all but will remove the exaggerated bump that you see now.

I will report back when I have sorted that out.


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I have downloaded the latest Gateway version of KPVF and flattened the runway. As you are no doubt aware in NorCal there are no Orbx enhanced airports that come with the addon. They are all Laminar Gateway default airports.

Here are 3 pics of what the airport looks like now with the latest version and flattened runway. To me it looks more detailed than the version you are showing but I may be wrong as your pics are only highlighting the elevation issues.

Unzip the attached file and place it in your Custom Scenery folder making sure it sits above Global Airports in the scenery_packs.ini










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Hi Jon,


Thanks for the quick fix;  I implemented the change per your instructions and the airport is much more usable now.  There are

some (understandable) side effects, such as cliffs around the airport boundary and such, but being new to X-Plane scenery

manipulation it'll give me an opportunity to explore the tools and hopefully get some of these and other issues ironed out.


Thanks again and congratulations on a great product.

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