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Problem with Orbx Central Terrain.cfg


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Hi Dear,


  I'm suffering this problem and has been while, whenever I use the Orbx Central (Sync Simulator) which generates new Terrain.cfg (around 900kb) I'll get the CTD nearby LOWI when I fly-to or return flight to LOWI (departed was ok). by finding out the cause was painful but I have already confirmed if I delete the terrain.cfg and let it re-generate = NO CTD

I was satisfied by this but until I fly into Hawaii where it suppose to be water has become land (Oahu to be specific and I also have Honolulu City installed). 


so, to be simple..


Default Terrain.cfg = NO CTD around LOWI but Oahu island is surrounding with Land

Orbx Central Terrain.cfg = CTD around LOWI but correct water/land at Oahu


I'm really hoping to get help here it'll be a shame only cuz of a single file that I can't run the sim with Orbx products perfectly. Thanks.

I'm running P3D v5.1 HF1 with latest update of LOWI and Honolulu City.

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the "single file" is key to the correct operation of the Orbx products in the simulator.

I am not able to reproduce either of your CTD situations.

I do have the same problem as everyone else with P3D v5, the VRAM limit.

For this reason, I disable all shadows before trying to use it with credible settings.

Having said that, the latest hotfix appears to have addressed that too.

You could perhaps try that but unless you use the correct terrain.cfg and lclookup.bgl

files, you will not see what the developers intended.

Of course, you did update all three parts of P3D and not just the client?


The images will look much better if you click on them




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