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resolved Germany South : issues in V5.1 HF 1


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Hello team,


Yesterday I did a clean install of V5.1 HF1. 


Only checked Salzburg and Germany South area. Tile and polygon issues :


https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ookcuhoxs8qady/Foto 22-11-2020 11 34 46.jpg?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ietu4xp7gsv0zz/Foto 22-11-2020 13 23 46.jpg?dl=0

Salzburg airport ( floating objects ). This might be a Mesh addon issue ( FsGlobal Ultimate FTX 2018 ).

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1neb47blsyxwasf/Foto 22-11-2020 13 25 12.jpg?dl=0


Latest version of Central.
Very files done for everything that I have.

Also renamed the terrain.cfg file to off and had Central make a new one ( Settings-Help)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/81vqc0ujxyim18c/Foto 22-11-2020 13 33 40.jpg?dl=0


Help is appreciated.


regards, Gerard



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19 minutes ago, Smudger said:


Please make sure you have ran a Verify files on the Orbx Libraries.

That I did as I wrote ..


A had Central make a new terrain.cfg file.

I cannot do the same with the lclookup.bgl file as my Orbx libraries are installed outside P3D.


My lclookup.bgl file is in custom.gb_base / landclass / scenery 

Date : 3-3-2020


Any other advice ?


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17 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

Hello Gerard,

just as an experiment, copy the lclookup.bgl file from there into scenery\Base\scenery.

You can rename the existing one first.

The default is around 30kb, the Orbx one is around 50kb.

Please check the sizes.

Then try P3D again.

That did the trick !

Immediately the issues are solved.


Why v5.1 HF1 did not read the Orbx lclookup.bgl and instead used the default one I do not know.

Till there is a solution for this is a good workaround.


Thanks Nick ;)


regards, Gerard 


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Hello Nick,

the reference to the lclookup.bgl was right for me.

But after I tried everything I could not reconstruct this file correctly.

Fortunately I made a backup before installing P3Dv5.1 HF.

From this I copied the lclookup.bgl and installed it in the P3Dv5 folder.

Now everything works very well.

Thanks a lot


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