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Three SODE and FSX questions for Orbx Central.


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Greetings everyone.  I am a new GSX user and I just solved an issue of my GSX taxiways not animating.  SODE won't work if FSX is in a dual installation (DVD edition and Steam) mode.  So I used the SODE creator's suggested registry fix to end dual install mode and treat FSX-SE as FSX.


So I have three concerns about how SODE is implemented in Orbx Central:


1) Can Orbx Central modify its SODE installer to auto-detected FSX dual install mode and give an error to warn that SODE would not work in such a mode?  I installed SODE months ago before getting GSX through Orbx Central and did not get a warning or any indication that SODE had only installed to my DVD FSX directory and not my Steam directory.  I ended up having to download and install SODE separately to get to the bottom of the jetways not animating - the control panel indicated SODE was installed to DVD FSX rather than my usual FSX Steam.


2) Do the stand-alone SODE installer and Orbx Central's installer install SODE to the same directory?


3) Would it be possible to add a Config button to the SODE page (in My Products with the Store and Verify Files buttons) to display SODE's control panel (Start Platform Manager)?  It has a few options such as to allow SODE jetways to work for AI traffic.


Thank you for your time.

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