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Problem Orbx link

Enzo Augusto

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Good morning, yesterday I started installing the scenarios in the United States, (Central Rockies, Northern California ...) but they reach approximately 70% and the connection immediately becomes very slow (30Kb/s..12Kp/s / s on average), my internet has speed of 200mps (tested again) of direct optical fiber, Central Rockie took 12 hours to make up for the missing 30%, now Northen Rockies ... what's going on?


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These problems are consistently down to the internet between the Orbx servers and your ISP.  Some internet routers seem to be programmed to spot large downloads and assume they are P2P or torrent downloads and they throttle them (that's what i have come to believe anyway).


If you can get your ISP to trace the connection they might be able to tell you who is throttling your data.


I sometimes find rebooting Orbx Central fixes slow connections as well.

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2 hours ago, John Dow said:

Esses problemas são consistentemente até a internet entre os servidores Orbx e seu provedor de internet. Alguns roteadores de internet parecem estar programados para detectar grandes downloads e assumir que são downloads P2P ou torrent e eles os estrangulam (é nisso que eu comecei a acreditar de qualquer maneira).


Se você conseguir que seu isp rastreie a conexão, eles podem ser capazes de dizer quem está estrangulando seus dados.


Às vezes acho que reiniciar o Orbx Central também corrige conexões lentas.

Thanks for your attention, I don't believe this is IP strangulation, the download starts very well as I said, when approximately 70% of the speed drops, only on Orbx, I download larger files via torrent without problems, I formatted my machine and I want to reinstall Orbx products, for example the Base Pack, Vector ... all Global Range were normal, without problems, only North America is showing, before I could manually download the file and install, now you have removed this option to make it worse.

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Yes, and this kind of behaviour is exactly what you can expect when a server is targeting particular files, it might even be a problem where a server is having trouble deciphering a file and has to slow the download to ensure the integrity of each chunk. 


Since you don't believe it could be this I'll leave any further comments to Orbx staff. 

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