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Orbx central doesn't recongize MSFS any more.

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Since the new update of MSFS Orbx central doesn't recognize MSFS any more. I removed it and reinstalled but nothing changed. It only knows P3D (I also have installed). I had this problem some days befor, but after repair of OC I could see MSFS addons again. Today nothing helped. That's realy bad, because I bought Olbia and wanted to install the scenery.


Any idea?


Thx, Bernd

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these failures seem to randomly affect some users.

I also see random oddities with this simulator, such as the "Live Tile" that

sometimes looks like this,




for no obvious reason.

The simulator is working as normal.

It does so at present and a PC reboot usually fixes it.



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I've upgraded msfs to 1.10.11, Orbx central worked this morning. I restarted PC now and... wysywyg (attached image)

As with the other comments here - Orbx central can't find msfs on my PC. Mind you, a whole lot of othere strange things happened:

MSFS reset itself to 2160*480 and downgraded all the display settings. I am working on that...

My windows PC reset the display properties from three displays (1920*1080) to one display 5760*1080. Several other display settings also appear to have gone awry.

Once again an msfs update has bu66ered up my enjoyment and this time it seems to have affected external apps and settings too. Ideas?


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Holy cr@b!!!!

I reset all the graphics settings and personalisations in game - Orbx Central is back! I shan't delete the post above - keep it as a tip for others suffering ASOBO updatitis!

It really looks like Microsoft and Asobo take liberties with our computers when they give us an update. I have stretched my ration of frust to new limits this day. Surely they are supposed to be pros at Asobo? Ah well, pass this on.

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Same problem here, just bought Dundee and i am unable to install it


I have done that (have a similar experience in the past)


First Uninstall Orbx Central.

Then Delete the below folders

C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Orbx-central-updater

C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Orbx\Central

Then Reinstall  Orbx Central.


But this time it has no effet .... MSFS is not recognized !

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