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Volanta Development Update #1: DCS World and more!

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Hi all,


Wow, what an exciting few weeks since we announced Volanta! Our team is thankful to all of you who signed up. We’ll be in touch very soon with steps to gain access to the invite-only beta


The feedback we’ve been receiving from everyone has been great. With this, we’ve been able to implement some of the most requested features and shape our roadmap for the future.


We’re starting with small numbers of invites to ensure everything is stable, then we’ll invite more people in batches. We’re excited to give you all access!


Our team has been working hard (and expanding!) since the announcement. Here are some new features we’ve added:


  • Support for two of the simulators most requested by our community: DCS World and Aerofly FS 2.
  • Many of you asked for more control over the aircraft in your account. We added the ability to add images to your aircraft, and have them viewable on the map. We’ll be adding more features here in the coming weeks.

  • Volanta offers many possibilities for visualising your data. When clicking on airports, you can now see how many flights you’ve done there, as well as statistics from all Volanta users.

  • Importing data into Volanta was a very common request. We’ve improved the importing UI, and will be ensuring it’s extra robust at launch.



As a reminder, if you haven’t already signed up for the invite-only beta, it isn’t too late! If you’re interested in Volanta and want to learn more, please see our first announcement.


The Volanta Team

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9 hours ago, kvuo75 said:

fleet should also show the icao where you left each aircraft for those of us that keep aircraft continuity and want to see at a glance where all your fleet is parked

Good point - we actually do store this data (and had it shown on the aircraft list in our original announcement). We'll make sure to add that back.


You can also see all of your aircraft locations on the map after clicking on Aircraft:


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I have another suggestion, something I am dreaming of for some time.

It would be great, if there will be a possibility to import a flightplan and show it split for each waypoint, with possibility to write for each waypoint:
1) Estimated Time Over waypoint
2) Actual Time Over Waypoint
3) Fuel Used
4) Fuel onboard

This means, for each waypoint, estimated fuel should be shown as well, for example from Simbrief's OFP.
This would make it possible to make fuel checks directly in the software.

Best regards
Marek Mysior

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Question: Can you support aircraft carrier / LHA / frigate / destroyer ship-borne operations in DCSW?


Related: helo ops would like some love, too ;)


Another pleasantly surprised vote of support for DCS World - now i'm REALLY looking forward to Volanta as I spend most of my flight time in DCS.



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