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LOWI both airports spawned at once, also broken ils on most airports (that ive tried)

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Im new to sim thanks to MSFS and thought id buy few scenery add ons and im having issues with every Orbx scenery Ive bought. I really like managing ILS/RNAV approaches and have found that on all addons i have so far (innsbruck, london city, st barbera municipal) that have a managed approach, doesn't appear to work. It gets to final and switches to vor but instead of pointing towards runway, it points away, and obviously doesnt line me up. Not sure if its something im doing as its odd all three behave this way, i have notice the garmin 1000/3000 seem to be the worse, often steering me away, but still get it else where. Had the CJ4 capture, but brought me in too low also). Im also having an issue with innsbruk spawning the oem and Orbx versions at the same time, and theres a huge lump in the runway, that launches me in the air at speed,  not in a good way :D any help is much appreciated


ps id add my transaction ID if i knew where to find it, but its not in my account or transactions??!14062714_lowitower.thumb.png.77eb6f3b9986af01596398e364eb2a92.png

lowi runway.png

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Regarding the double dip of LOWI and runway bumps. This is a topic raised and the solution (temporary until Asobo fix) is in the link below. Basically, remove the Asobo version from the Official folder.

Regarding the ILS/RAV issues i need to pass that over to the Devs for a response as that is not my forte at all.

@Ed Correia @Greg Jones can you assist regarding the customers comments on ILS/RNAV  or pass to someone who can assist. Thanks



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Hi Guys thanks for the speedy response, i just been doing some further testing on this scenery and found a few bugs. So i was unable to test LOWI as, due to Jons comment, i deleted the asobo version, which did fix the scenery (but not approach issues) so this testing was EGLC and KSBA (mostly in the longitude, although couple in tbm). Firstly i uninstalled both sceneries, and found both approaches to each rw at both airports, function as they should, which for me confirms this is a bug with the scenery package itself. Then i reinstalled into main folder instead of microsoft flder, which i feel made no difference. With EGLC i found something strange, as mentioned when it switches to localizer on approach mode, the plane would turn away, but with EGLC it had a centre bar so i allowed it to go off course and found that when approaching RW09 at EGLC, it actually lined me up with RW04 at another airport to the north, EGSS. Then when i done the same at RW27 it took me to the same airport but it seemed to approach RW04 from a 45 degree angle, So i think the scenery needs to be corrected. KSBA when going to LOC just points north so there may not be any data to follow (but stock scenery did work fine).

Funnily enough in prev testing, i found the A320 to be only one that did capture EGLC's glideslope, so duno.


Do any of you guys know how i would report these issues, to be repaired? or how to find someone who works on this stuff?


Cheers Brandon

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27 minutes ago, Greg Jones said:

The only thing I can suggest is to completely remove the addon airports and retest. We don't add or modify any of the navaid data for EGLC; we're completely dependent on the default database.





Thats my point, i did remove them and they both worked again, then when i reinstalled the scenery i found these bugs (also had the same bugs before testing). is there a process to get these corrected or get the scenery refunded? The fact 3/3 have issues in this regard, could this mean its not copying over properly or watever (sorry i have no idea how it works, can you tell?! :D )

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