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Assistance with Library Move


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Hi folks, me again working with moving my Orbx scenery folders onto a different drive, into a new library.  I believed I followed all the instructions in the User Manual for this, but my scenery packs do not show up as installed in Central.  And actually they didn't show up as installed even before I started the move process.  I suspect that this is the issue.  But anyway regardless of how I got here I would like help in recovering from whatever state I'm in so I don't have to download the 8 very large packs I have.  


I currently have these folders in one root folder named Orbx Scenery.  I created an empty folder of that name first, pointed the Orbx Library to that in Central and created it.  Then I moved the folders as is into the new root folder.  Exited Central, restarted, still no scenery is showing up as installed.  I suspect I'm totally out-of-luck and will have to download a TB or stuff again, but if there's another way please let me know.  Aaarrrggghhhhh.  Help?

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