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Frustratingly slow download/install speeds


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First post on the forum from an appreciative Orbx fan!


Today I purchased TrueEarth Northern California, TE Southern California, TE Oregon and TE Washington for XP-11. I began downloading/installing 6 hours ago and have only managed to complete Northern and Southern California. At this moment the TE Oregon install is about half finished. I won't even attempt TE Washington this evening. I have a 1GB/sec internet connection (I confirmed 860 mb/sec download speed on my end using a speedtest app prior to restarting TE Oregon download for the third time).


I'm seeing download speeds (as indicated in the Orbx download queue progress meter) that jump from the low single digits to mid 20's and 30's mb/sec with frequent connection interruptions.


Just wondering if you are seeing any issues with your download servers? I've purchased numerous Orbx products in the past for both P3D and XP-11 and have never had installations take anywhere near this long to complete. Thanks for any information!




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These issues always turn out to be in the pipeline between the Orbx servers and your ISP and are outside anyone's control.


Best thing is to restart your Orbx Central, if that doesn't work, restart your computer, if that doesn't work restart your modem.


I usually find the first option works.

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