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KSBA - parking GA aircrafts not placed on the assigned spots & parking spots missing in NE corner

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i found that the aircrafts on the parking areas for GA are not placed on the spots that the simulator is using.

This also means that they partially are placed between two spots, so it its difficult to use these spots as there is not enough clearance.

The area in the NE corner of the airport has multiple planes parked but no spots assigned logically to spawn or end your flight there.

I attach some screenhots from LittleNavMap, which show the spots and the AI planes.






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I checked the parking positions shown by the MSFS own flight planer, and its strange...the parking positions shown there are completely different then what i see in LittleNavMap. I checked the same things for KLAX and Orbx KTIW, and for both the parking spot positions, as well as their numbers are identical.

I attach two screens here where its visible that the layout is very different.




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