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A little tip before buying expensive GPU


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I have upgraded my system , been saving hard ,  Intel 10900k  , MSI 3090 Graphics card  , 32 gig DDR3200 Ram and so on.

At first run of the new system i wasn't seeing if any better performance in the flight sims , going from a 1080 TI to a 3090 i thought it would blitz it.

I then looked into my monitor, it is a 60hz 32 inch monitor , did some research on the hertz and found that was my problem, if you have a kiss ass computer but a low hertz monitor you wont see the benefits , so i upgraded my monitor to a 165 hertz MSI gaming monitor , now i can see the benefits , much smoother and no stutters etc.

So my advice is , if you are going to upgrade to a better GPU , you also need to look at your monitors capability, something i hadn't know about for many years... 

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