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First flight at Bryce Canyon


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3 minutes ago, carlosqr said:

These are promo shots indeed

Awesome job Dario

Thank you very much, Carlos! I should be hired by Orbx! :D Not only they don’t pay me anything for this, I pay them to promote their stuff. Jokes aside, I am a long-time Orbx fan, and I am happy to make and to share every shot I do :) 

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Just now, Ken Hall said:

Absolutely Stunning, nothing more satisfying for a developer than to see shots like these, thanks for the kind comments and for posting such amazing captures.



Thank you very much for your words, Ken!


It’s a pleasure and an honour for me to hear this from the scenery developer. 

Let me tell you that this is probably the airport that most impressed me in years, in any simulation platform. I felt like being there, in the real world, and was fascinated with the attention that you paid to every little detail. 

Congratulations for this masterpiece, and thank you for taking flight simulation to the next level.  

Best regards,



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12 minutes ago, TigerTigerM said:

Jeepers Dario - You raise the bar!!:)

Excellent set showing Ken's deft touches, particularly with detail, dirt, ageing & rust. 

I'm stuck in Norway but will be over there later today, hopefully.


Thank you very much, TTM! I think you will also love this one. It perfectly captures the atmosphere of the West! 
In the next days, I want to install the mod for the 320 and see how it goes in Norway! :) 




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