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TrueEarth US Oregon for P3D v4.5 slowed


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I was installing TrueEarth US Oregon for P3D v4.5 and every thing was going well. It had downloaded everything and was extracting pretty well when I closed Orbx Central. After I opened it up again the extraction had slowed to a crawl. Why did it do that? and how to get it to at least a speed of extraction that is decent?


Patrick Burks

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Guest Josh Koz

Hi Patrick


Restarting Orbx Central shouldn't have any affect on the speed. Progress will be faster at the beginning of an installation as downloading and extracting occur and will be slower towards the tail of an installation as conversion begins of some extracted files. This isn't dependant on your network speed and instead depends on your CPU speeds.


If the process has stalled entirely then a restart of Orbx Central should get the install process starting again.

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