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Orbx Central does not recognize my P3Dv5 installation.


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I have a problem with my Orbx Central.   I have three simulation platforms installed on my computer, each on its own drive.


P3Dv4.5 (w/Orbx sceneries directly installed in Scenery)

P3Dv5 (w/Orbx sceneries installed in Scenery Library)

MSFS (w/Orbx installed in community folder)


My problem started when I purchased my first sceneries for MSFS through Orbx Direct.   I opened Orbx Central to install the newly purchased MSFS sceneries but Central did not recognize that MSFS was installed.   I searched the support forum for the problem and followed the directions in this post:


I removed and re-installed Orbx Central, and started and closed MSFS.  On the next start of Orbx Central I was able to install the purchased MSFS sceneries. 


My problem now is that Orbx central recognizes my MSFS and P3Dv4.5 installed Orbx sceneries but does not recognize my P3Dv5 Orbx installed sceneries.   I have verified that the actual scenery configuration of P3dV5 is correct and Orbx sceneries are installed but Orbx Central does not recognize them and I am unable to use the configuration manager to adjust settings and/or update sceneries on this platform.


Log file attached.


Thank You





Operating system:  Windows 10 Pro

Simulator:  P3Dv5


Issue:  Central Does Not Recognize Installed Sceneries



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Ran P3Dv5 and closed it.  Went into Orbx Central, selected P3Dv5, selected settings/help synch sim.  Green Success Bar "Your Prepar3d V5 was synchonised succesfully"


But my P3Dv5 products still do not show.


Here is what shows for P3Dv4.5



Here is what shows for P3dv5





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Guest Josh Koz

Hi @jtwillia


Can you attach your central.log file after running the sync simulator for P3Dv5? This will provide some insight into where Orbx Central is looking and what it's found.

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I think we can mark this as resolved.  I checked the libraries location in P3Dv5 in the settings and it was reporting the incorrect location:




The correct location is:


I:\P3D Addons\1 Scenery Addons\Orbx


I edited the location and then re-synchonised the sim and now all P3Dv5 sceneries are showing in Central.



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