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Orbx Library for MFS

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I am quite lost in Orbx Libraries.

P3D is runing on a dedicaded SSD. i have installed temp/backup/library in a specific folder in the existing P3D SSD.

Now i would like to add library for MFS. In the Orbx guide i have read "A library in Central is an additional install location". What does it mean ? Duplication of all the content in differents locations ? For what purpose ?

What do you suggest to get the best and cleanest install ?

P3D & MFS are running in 2 separate and dedicaced SSD

Thanks for answer.


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I have 3 different libraries set up, XP, P3D and MSFS......they have to different because each may use a different format, example being you could not use a scenery for XP in P3D, you could alternatively install direct into the sim but libraries is the better option for updates of main sim .....I am sure someone will explian better in a while......

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