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answered LOWI mountains

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22 minutes ago, Thomas Gurgiser said:

Dear Jarrad,


thank you very much for your quick response.

I really hope we can expect a completely new Mesh for the alps.

Dolomites, Matterhorn and Austrian summits look terrible :(






I fully expect PILOT'S to release a version of FS GLOBAL, as soon as the SDK allows. The default mesh is so bad, even in places where it has high resolution it lacks the lower LOD layers leading to cracks and rifts in the terrain, where you can see through the world. Just like in default meshes of all previous versions of the sim.

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On 9/12/2020 at 5:23 PM, Jarrad Marshall said:

G'day Thomas, welcome to the forums :)


The big difference between the P3D version and the MSFS version is the mesh - I included a highly detailed 10m mesh with the original FSX/P3D release. Unfortunately we don't yet have the ability to import custom mesh into the new sim, and this is why the sharpness and accuracy of the peaks isn't the same, as we are currently relying on the default elevations which are quite a bit lower quality. 


But that said, it has been my number one request from the Asobo team for a while; we know they are working on it for a future update to the sim and SDK. Once this is out, I have my original mesh source ready and waiting to be exported :)




That's great news Jarrad, but how serious are they about improving the mesh? Serious, or just banter talk?

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4 hours ago, PiotrMKG said:

RTX3080 or Big Navi along DX12 to the rescue B)


Not sure. I think a highly detailed mesh is more demanding on the CPU than on the GPU, because of the many elevation points which have to be calculated.

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