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resolved LOWI suddenly runway not useable

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Suddenly, runway of LOWI becomes unusable because there is a "deep hole" at the east side of the runway (see Video attached)...this problem started suddenly without other changes - after first installation a couple if weeks ago, all was fine.

There is no difference if installed LOWI in Flightsimulator directory or Orbx library...If I uninstall Orbx LOWI, all problems are fixed....

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In my case the take-off from LOWI RW08 was without any problem.

Best regards


Orbx Scenery on an external HDD linked to Community folder

MSFS on D:\

Plane C152


Small video of the take-off :

https://www.dropbox.com/s/q4brc7gq4hwjbsr/Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020-09-12 15-00-54.mp4?dl=0



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54 minutes ago, KVSandleben said:

Just a hunch, is anybody of you in the Navigraph NavData Beta?

Great question. The runway was normal when I flew it recently with the latest MFS and LOWI patch, but I haven't flown it since installing the Navigraph beta. I know the beta can affect airports becuase as advertised, it adds the runway and lights (but no buildings of course) to EDDDS and that's the extent of the checking I did after installation. I'll try it tonight at LOWI and see it that's the key.

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I took off on runway 26 yesterday both with and without the Orbx ad-on.  In both situations, there was a sharp rise in the last 1/4 of the runway (in the runway 8 landing zone) that caused my A320 to be launched into the air prematurely with insufficient speed to take off. Definitely a problem.  In one of the cases, it caused a crash message, saying I damaged my landing gear. No kidding. I could see it coming at me on my takeoff roll.

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2 hours ago, Guido Kurth said:

Orbx doesn't seem to care ...



you have chosen an old topic to add to.

Since it was first posted, almost a year has gone by.

This problem arose following the first simulator update.

Since then there have been dozens of topics asking the same question and all of them answered:

Please uninstall the Asobo version of LOWI, using the Content Manager.

Here are three pages of similar topics.

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