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TE-Florida Airplane Bouncing At Many Airports


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I absolutely love TE-FL, but I need to fix this issue ASAP.


I thought it was just at Tallahassee. It's happening in Ocala, Leesburg, and many other airports. I disabled mesh & sode and it still happens.


I tried different airplanes, so it's not airplane specific.


Not happening at payware airports. Only TE-FL airports.


Thanks for the help.


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I'm also having the same issue, with my plane bouncing along the runway on take-off at default True Earth FL airports. P3D v4.5. Vector , BASE Pack, Terra Flora V2, Trees HD, OpenLC North America, Buildings HD installed. Miami City X is turned off. Only other payware airports are Latin VFR KRSW and KEYW.

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digging this issue back up...

I, too, am having this very same situation happen in P3D v4.5.

It seems as if most of the redone airports included in TE-FL do have this issue... and Bens solution may not be the best as it means going thru every airport file separately.


hay anyone else experienced this issue?




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Thank you for your response Mr. Cooper.  Changing all the files with ADE is not a practical solution for me. Of the 50 or so small airports I have "been" to, I have only found 2 that are flyable so far-KCOI and KMTH.  I love the scenery but its a shame Orbx doesn't offer a more reasonable solution. My payware airports are all fine with the appropriate BGLs "offed".  Is this only a problem with P3Dv4.5?  The real shame is that this wasn't caught in beta or was just ignored.  Any plans for a patch or upgrade?  When I bought TE-FL I don't recall anything in the promo lit about needing ADE to change all the airport surfaces-" More than 500 new and upgraded airports" is, I believe, what it says.  SRQ and TLH (and many many others) were basic default airports before but at least the RWs and TWs were flat.  Not every simmer flies over this scenery at 10k+ AGL in big iron.  What's the point of have 500+ airports if they're all more bumpy than my dads little grass strip? 


...for now, taking my lil A2A back to the W,Coast. Cause my days of editing airports ended with FS9.


Good Day,

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thank you for your observations.

I answered your question



how do you change or switch surface material form MACDAM to asphalt, tarmac or concrete


Please note that I did not suggest that you should amend the airports yourself, nor did I offer that as a solution.



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