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resolved Dubrovnik LDDU elevation problems


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Hello Experts


I have serious elevation problems at LDDU (Dubrovnik)


I installed  Orbx Dubrovnik LDDU into P3Dv5 inside an extern folder called K:\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\Orbx Library\p3dv5\LDDU Dubrovnik Airport.

This folder contains Effects, -Orbx, Scenery and the add-on.xml.

Beside many FTX airports I have installed

Base Pack


openLC Europe

Buildings, Terra Flora and Trees.


So far ther is no other LDDU addon installed

What could be the source of the problem.

Just for info I did not have that problem in my P3Dv4


(screenshots attached here)


regards Roger





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Hello Doug

Many thanks for fast replay.

I modifayed the insertion points and it works now correctly.

The problem is: that the scenery insertion points or no more the same as P3Dv4.

In my case there is still a unknown action which disturb my scenery insertion points.

Is it Orbx Central ?

Can you pls. check my screen shots about possible faults.

Picture 3 and 4 shows right now changed positions.

Picture 5 ist what I did manually yesterday.


Do you have a lsi available where I can fix the positions as required??


with regards Roger





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