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Vector Configurator can't find Simulator


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I've recently changed Fsx Steam installation disk. Everything is working fine exept for the Vector Configurator.

Orbx Central recognizes the right path of the installation but when I run the configurator it gives me this message.


"No installed simulator was found...FTX Vector Configurator will now exit!"


I've tried to unistall and reinstall Global Vector and Orbx Central but nothing changed.


P.S. It happens also for Global Base and PrecipitFX


Thank you in advance for any kind of help.


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14 minutes ago, Dan86 said:

I've recently changed Fsx Steam installation disk.

Hello Dan, welcome to the forums.

Since changing you disk, have you run FSX Steam up to the flight screen and then closed it before opening Orbx Central, to create a new registry entry ?

It would appear Central is still looking for your old entry, you could change the disk drive letters so that your new disk has the original letter.

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Good morning,
I am in the process of reinstalling the sim (following a massive failure). A few sceneries are back etc.., checked Orbx central (which just updated itself this morning here) and now I am seeing the same AEC tool error msg that was described in the post from 2020. I am a little uncomfortable with registry utility app mentioned in the post above and I am not sure how to fix the path so that AEC finds FSX again, like it always did. Is there an option to just re-download AEC tool? I was hoping that maybe running verification of the Global Vector files would fix the AEC tool but it did not happen.
Thank you in advance for your help.

GLOBAL VECTOR Configuration Tool.JPG

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Oops..please disregard my earlier post. I just followed step by step instructions described by Nick and AEC is back. Trying FSX Registry Utility was not a scary as I thought it might be.

Thank you, 


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