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Importing Orbx Products from MSFS Marketplace to Central


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Hi Guys,

I purchased a few Orbx products direct from the in-game MSFS Marketplace, and now that I've been made aware of Orbx Central, I was wondering if there is a way to import / recognise & manage these purchases within Central itself?

Many thanks.




Operating system:  Win10

Simulator:  MSFS




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Hi Nick, I wonder if I may ask something regarding this question about us customers that purchased Orbx titles through the ingame store before knowing about Orbx Central? I know you have said that MSFS store items cannot be transferred to Central, and that is fair enough, but would there be any possibility of Orbx Central knowing that we have already purchased an Orbx product from within the MSFS store and being able to hightlight this on the map shown in Orbx Central?


I too would love to have all the Orbx addon info all in one place but even if there was just some indication shown that I have certain Products would be a huge help, Visual rather than a complete over hall?


Kind Regards

Jason Bounds 

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