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OG20 Fairways Grass

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Very nice job on this airfield and thanks for giving it away free. 


Just one thing I don't like is the length of the grass used on the some of runway. 16/34 has grass in places that is longer and also longer than the grass at the edge of  runway in places. Obviously the runway grass would normal be kept fairly short but at the moment the aircraft get a bit lost in it.


This is the grass length in some places and most of it on 07/25.




This is the grass length on what must be least half of 16/34. 




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Funny you mention this. I don't mind it that much until I see one of the airport vehicles driving up to their windows in grass. :) :) I just think it's funny. A small quirk to live with for now.  I have all Orbx MSFS products but this is my absolute favorite place. 

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