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LOWI Stand flood lighting low draw distance

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Firstly thanks for giving us my preferred airport you have done a great job as usual.


Just to note, at night the stand flood lighting only illuminates when you arrive at about 600m from each light, as you aproach the 600m range they come on and it all happens rather suddenly. Not sure who's to blame, but I thought I would let you know as its a bit of and immersion breaker


Kindest regards




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As this doesn't appear to have had an impact on anybody I guess that maybe I was not understood??


To that end i have left you a drobox link with a video example of the issue


Kindest Regards


Rob Barton


https://www.dropbox.com/s/6rnqwdcpyg7lwph/Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.09.28 -

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That's fine. We have got a very sophisticated movement-sensitive lighting system here at Innsbruck Airport. For energy saving reasons it reacts to approaching planes only when they are 600 m away or closer. :D



Edit: Being serious now, I'll check if I have the same issue once I am at home tonight

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5 minutes ago, rob.barton@cegetel.net said:

:D Ever efficient Austrians,


Yes, we are! :D


I have done my checking now and I have exactly the same issue like you. Funny that I have not realized it before. 

Anyway, I hope Jarrad is going to fix this in the next upgrade.


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