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Install Library creation error for MSFS2020

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I have just tried to create a separate library for installing MSFS2020 products, but I get the message that I must not create a library in a sim directory.

But the selected directory is not the sim directory, even if the naming is close...


Any solution for this already known?




Orbx Error.PNG


Probably Central has an issue with the "blank" in the directory path? The directory path for P3Dv5 has the "blank" as well, there it is working.


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there is a small bug.

If you rename your Library folder so that it does not contain the same name as you gave

your Microsoft Flight Simulator folder, then Orbx Central will accept it.

This has happened to me and to one other customer and we have reported it.

We have been told that the bug will be removed in the next version of Orbx Central.

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