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Orbx does not find MSFS2020

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I'm having the same issue.  When I open Orbx Central, it only shows me my P3d4.5 products and there is no place for me to select MSFS as another simulator.  How can I add MSFS to Orbx Central?  The app is up to date.  I have a significant number of products and I am hopeful that I can purchase some MSFS products through Orbx Central.  I checked settings, etc.  Also, my P3d4.5 is on my E drive and MSFS is on my SSD C Drive.  Could this be a problem for Orbx Central not seeing the new MSFS?

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I'm having the same issue (and I've run MSFS a lot since it came out!)  I've removed Orbx Central and re-installed it.


Probably relevant details - I bought my version through Steam and it's not installed on drive c:but on p:


The only FS that Central discovered was X Plane (also on p:) and I had to manually add FSX (Steam Edition) as that wasn't discovered.

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20 minutes ago, Peter Watson said:

Fixed now by:

  • Uninstalling Orbx Central (again)
  • Removing *all* Orbx directories in c:\users\<name>\appdata\local and c:\users\<name>\appdata\roaming
  • Rebooting
  • Installing Orbx Central

I'm now checking that it's worked by installing the free OG20 scenery


This worked for me too. I noticed that three copies of Orbx Central were running in memory when I went to remove those directories. It seems they weren't properly ending when I closed them. That may have lead to my issues. Anyway, thanks for OG20, Orbx (and specifically Mark and Kyle)!

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