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Transition/Setup of Orbx Central from Old PC/FSX

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Hi Nick and Everyone,


I have just finished setting up my new PC rig that is equipped and sized properly for MSFS, and it is a blank canvas software-wise. I am just now preparing to download and install MSFS 2020 from the MS Store and then install and setup Orbx Central so as to manage the ongoing installation and maintenance of Orbx Managed Scenery and Add-Ons; just as I have become accustomed to over many years of FSX + Orbx. Many thanks to the Orbx Team for helping squeeze so much enjoyment out my orphaned FSX/Accel software.


Now, what is Orbx recommended sequence to setup Orbx Central on the my new rig after MSFS has been installed and initialized? Recognize that I may still use my old PC/FSX occasionally, and that it is running Orbx Central 4.1.22 and currently managing dozens of Orbx/Holgermesh/Oz global/LC/regional/airports + expansion utilities from //42. My new rig will ONLY be used for MSFS + Orbx hopefully years of future scenery add-ons. I am hoping that the installation of Orbx Central (supporting MSFS) on the new rig will not somehow conflict/interfere with my old rig via the common shared User Orbx account underlying both usage domains (i.e FSX and MSFS on separate, but co-existing rigs). I recognize that Orbx thankfully thinks ahead and probably anticipated the type of transition that I now have underway, but I would dearly like to see/find/use a recommended sequence/approach/plan with the Orbx imprimatur so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Thanks for listening, and Happy flights to all


i7-10700K 5.1 \ EVGA RTX 2080 Super KO GAMING \ Seagate Firecuda 520 M.2 PCI-E 4.0 NVME 1TB C Drive \ Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD\ 32GB ADATA XPG SPECTRIX DDR4 4000MHZ \ Windows 10 Home\ LG GL850-B 27" 2.5K IPS monitor

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you shouldn't have a problem, as long as you don't try to make two installations of the same software.

As you don't intend to do that, all will be well.

Orbx Central will recognise Microsoft Flight Simulator and be ready to install any products that you may choose to buy.

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Thanks, Nick


My MSFS installation went fine, although taking longer than I anticipated. I will now go ahead and install Orbx Central on the new rig as you recommend, and presume that I will be able to purchase MSFS versions of select Orbx products that I already own in the FSX version while making use of the reduced pricing being offered at the Orbx Store.


Observation; MSFS visuals and rendering are amazing, however the procedural simulation fidelity and functionality have a long way way to go to match what FSX has attained over many years and with the many add-ons and extensions from third-party vendors. I hope the MSFS opens their new platform to this so as to transform a gaming heavy initial product into a great flight simulator with top-notch complex aircraft and more detailed/accurate airports and scenery. Years, and years of opportunities ahead for developers like Orbx and PMDG.


Regards, Todd

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