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Refund Required - Orbx order receipt 5f3bdfc395cc4

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I totally agree, I purchased it through Ms flight sim 2020 and once installed I was appalled at the state of the graphics. Yes it adds more landmarks but at what cost, This is pre 2000 flight sim graphics. Please either refund my money or at least update it with graphics worthy of this flight sim. MicroSoft should also be ashamed of allowing this to be used in there flight sim.

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26 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:


we cannot deal with refunds in these forums.

Please apply using a support ticket.


I think you're missing the big picture here Nick.  I say your dismissive response to Gripper Sim in the other thread on this MSFS London Landmarks product.


Rather than shooing off annoying customers, I hope you're feeding this up the line to John.   .....because as it is, this release is going to set Orbx back years, and seriously damage their reputation in the community.    (=lost sales).


Seriously, this needs to be pulled until it's seriously improved.

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customers do have the option of asking for refunds and this topic is a

request for such a refund.

To fail answer the question would no doubt also attract criticism.

The fellow customer who have added their views and requests may well have

missed the existing topics that deal with the issue at hand.


"Gripper Sim" had, due to an oversight by me, been able to post without registering.

Registration is a condition of the use of these forums.

It was a simple request, complied with by everyone else who managed to post

before I corrected my oversight, without taking offence or having someone

else take offence on their behalf.

I am very capable of mistakes, admitting them and correcting them in a timely

manner is the best solution.

However, it seems that rather than comply with a simple request and engage in

a discussion he/she decided instead to produce a video.


If you have time, go and take a read of the Orbx responses elsewhere.

They have taken note of all the comments, said so and action is promised.



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