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Unable to download London City Airport


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Greetings All,


I purchased EGLC along with some other MSFS Orbx products for MSFS 2020. I had no problem downloading and installing the other products, but EGLC continues to hang at anywhere from 10-45% of the download with the message "Connection Error. Retrying . . . "


I have tried multiple times to cancel the download and restart the installation process. Several times, Orbx Central locked up my computer forcing me to restart by hitting the restart button on my machine. I also attempted to download and install it to another library, but that yielded the same result. 


Thank you in advance for your help.














'Connection interrupted, retrying 

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RESOLVED. Just after I wrote this post, I decided to delete my TEMP folder that Orbx uses to download their products to. I received an error message while trying to delete the Orbx TEMP subfolder that said one of the files was corrupted. BINGO. So I renamed the Orbx subfolder to Bad Orbx and that solved the problem. 


I opened up Orbx Central, and had no issues downloading and installing EGLC!



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