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Need new computer


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I was really looking forward to the release of the new Flight Simulator and converting my Orbx software to it. I wasn't really worried about the minimum requirements because I had 16 GB Ram and an Intel i7 processor. Only to learn after downloading the game that my computer does not meet the requirements.
Turns out, my i7 is old and not as fast as current i5s and my graphics card is out of date. 
 I was wondering if you all had any recommendations for computers that will be able to handle the game well and cost under $2,000 and if at all possible under $1,000?
Since I have 16 GB of RAM on my current computer, there is a possibility I can just transfer whatever is in the old computer to the new computer I get if it is compatible, or is RAM now out of date since 4 years ago? (Don't know what kind of RAM at the moment)
Don't really need long battery life or mobility, mainly want something fast and that isn't going to break down in a year. 
I looked at some of the other hardware threads, but wanted to start this one as they are particular to my concerns and don't want to end up buying things that seem good but are no longer fast.
Thanks all!
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