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New Backup and library locations

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Hello there  chaps,

I was wondering if I can put my MSFS Orbx files in another location apart from my old P3D ones?

I want to have them on a new m.2 ssd quite apart from the older stuff.

I will still be using most of the older P3D sceneries.

Hope you may be able to help,

Kind regards


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After your help: I have my P3D sim running nicely with just about all the Orbx products and I don't want to stuff it up.


Presently, I have most of my Library, and my complete Backup, on my same SSD D: drive. After downloading a further two True Earth packages yesterday I have very little spare space on D:


I just want to know, will it make any difference if I;

A: move the complete backup folder to my E: HD first, and then open Central and change the backup location, or

B: Change the backup location in Orbx Central, close down and then move the folder and it's contents?



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