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Orbx Central doesn;t find MSFS2020


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Operating system:  Win10

Simulator:  MSFS2020


Issue:  I have no ability to select MSFS2020 as my current simulator. I have Xplane installed but Orbx Central doesn't find MSFS2020  and I have no option to select it. Having purchased the MSFS2020 Orbx products ans installing MSFS2020.



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Hi, Despite working perfectly this morning when I purchased Leeds/Bradford, when I went back just now to Central to get the Leeds/Bradford update, it loaded and went straight to 'Select simulator', but only identified Aerofly and P3Dv4. Clicking 're-scan' had no effect, neither did a re-load, nor a re-install. I have been running MSFS quite OK for a few hours so far today. Even with MSFS running it doesn't see it!

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