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In LOWI Aircrafts does crashes


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I just detected, that my Aircrafts will crash in LOWI as long as in P3Dv4 under Realism, "Detect Crashes and Damage" is enabled. If disabled no crashes will occure. In Past, with enabled Crash Detector, no Crashes did occure!  No Crashes in Orbx LOWW.


What I did until now:

1. Disable all other Addon Scenerys => no Sucess

2. Disabled all Scenery Libraries => no Sucess

3. Deinstalled LOWI and reinstalled it again via Orbx Controlepanel  => no Sucess

4. Move LOWI via Orbx Controle Panel to Main Library  => no Crashes any more but also no Ground anymore, see Pics:


LOWI in P3Dv4:



LOWI in Main Library:



I dont wanna to have LOWI in Main Library so I dont search for Help to get the Ground back. I prefere to have LOWI, as all other Orbx Sceneryes, in the P3Dv4 Folder.

I wanna have enabled in P3Dv4 under Realism "Detect Crashes and Damage".



How to fix this Crashes ?





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On 8/15/2020 at 8:40 PM, Nick Cooper said:


repairing the crash boxes in this product has been promised by its developer and will be

done in due course.

It is a known problem and the interim solution of disabling crash detection is a simple one.

Still aint fixed?

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