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BALEARIC ISLAND Install Problems


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I can't install True Earth Balearic Island on XP11. My XP11 is installed on the "E" - Driver.

Orbx says, that he can't find a installed XP11...

And the options for installing are only P3D v4 or Main Library...

Whats wrong??

Thanks for help




Operating system:  Window 10

Simulator:  XP11




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Hello Claude,

welcome to the forums.


Orbx Central looks for C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\x-plane_install_11.txt.

It then reads that text file, which must contain the path to the X Plane 11 folder.

That folder must contain X-Plane.exe.

Normally, when X Plane 11 is run once, it writes to that file and the user needs to do nothing else.

If these conditions are fulfilled, Orbx Central will see the X Plane 11 installation.

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