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Balearic Islands 3rd party airports


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@Emma Kate Bentley Hi Emma.. I'd suggest you create an MUXP patch for your sceneries and if they work and don't cause any issues then we can permanently patch them to the mesh. The caveat is that we need to ensure that it doesn't effect any other versions of your airports people may have (including the default ones). This is why ideally I'd prefer for you to create an MUXP patch, and then you can distribute this (or the DSF) with your scenery (or as a toggle-able option in our scenery in Orbx Central)


Info on MUXP here:



In short, I'm unable to take an existing mesh DSF that you've created and merge to our mes and it's far more complicated to do this and would likely require the tool the original author (Maps4XPlane) used to patch our mesh as well, which I don't have. We use high resolution DEM and LiDAR data to create the mesh, so you'd end up needing to edit our existing DEM data. By far the simplest solution is the MUXP approach, and other developers have already done this for some airports in our GB region (some have even been merged in to the main product)





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