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answered Running Out of Video Card Memory?


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V5 shows an error that indicates that I have run out of "video Memory". I assume that is the video card memory.

So, my question is, what are the most likely adjustments/sliders that can contribute to this

error? I already have 3 old video cards setting on a shelf. In today's conditions

I can't add a fourth.


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in my experience, the single biggest user of VRAM is shadows.

For me, the difference between all shadows and no shadows is

3 GB, surprisingly, I don't miss them as much as I thought I might.

I hope that one day it will be sorted out, because like you and many

others, I have no intention of forking out £2500 for 24 GB of VRAM

just to run P3D v5 with all its settings to the right.


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I have found for me that I can get a nice balance by setting my "Texture Resolution" to 1024x1024, I can jack up other settings and still keep my Vram under 6gb even at the most detailed airports (Miami and Las Vegas). And surprisingly everything still looks great. Most of the time I am under 4gb, in the 3.5gb range.


FXAA - off



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Ah, my signature is old. Really 1050 3gb which "works" but have to reduce resolution demands. As another in another post shadows may be a culprit. At several thousand from the shadow  really are tough to see anyhow.

Thanks all....


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