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answered P3D 4.5 - switch from ssd to hd?

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Tried to find advice by searching the forums...maybe didn't use the right search terms!


I'm planning to install MS Flight Simulator in due course - probably when I've seen the experiences of the first few - or many! - early adopters.


I currently have P3D 4.5 on a 1TB ssd...but have a separate 1TB hd with not much on it. I'm thinking I might move  P3D from the ssd to hd, to free up the ssd for MSFS. Any thoughts on this?


But in particular, what's the process - hopefully painless! - for moving P3D from ssd to hd? Sorry if the answer is already somewhere on the forums,



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1 hour ago, donbrindles said:

hopefully painless!

Hello Don,

apart from the initial P3Dv4.5 loading time on the HDD being slightly longer, there will be no difference.

If you format your 1TB HDD and then copy / disk image everything on your 1TB SSD onto it, then change the drive letter to the next available on your SSD, APPLY that.

Then change the drive letter on your HDD to what the SSD was, and APPLY that, then change the SSD to what the HDD was, will give you the least amount to do before MSFS2020 :)

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Smudger, thanks for your prompt advice. Couple of supplementaries:


Would you recommend any particular software to copy/disk image from SSD to HDD?


Once P3D copied to HDD, presumably need to delete/uninstall everything from SSD? Any need to format SSD before installing MSFS?


Thanks again, Don.

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3 hours ago, donbrindles said:

Couple of supplementaries:

Hello Don,

I am unable to recommend any specific software as I use Acronis True Image and do regular backups of OS and Flight Sims. In my case I would just need to change the drive letters and then restore the backup onto the HDD that would now have the old SSD drive letter that it was created from.

There are many available on thw web, free and payware.

Once you have moved P3Dv4.5 to the HDD, run it to check and if all is well, doing a format on the SSD will clear it in preparation for MSFS2020

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