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Description Error in \\42 747 Immersion


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 @mglan80 First allow me to ask if you have bought the 747 Immersion package yet?


And now story-time...in a previous life I worked in tech in Silicon Valley, as you can imagine we were inundated in buzzwords all day. Cloud, Big Data, Disrupt, just to name a few, reading articles to keep current was always a bit dull. I mean how many times do you want to read about cloud storage, or hackers breaking into a cloud server? Then one day some guy came up with an INCREDIBLE extension for Chrome that produced a great amount of humor out of the blue when reading articles. This extension changed all instances of the word Cloud to Butt, and adjusted the usage to fit naturally into sentences, this was quite fun in flight sim articles and forums too.


Welp, today you got a taste of his brilliance, and my stupidity hah!


These days I'm lucky to be working on pushing the boundaries of flight simulation at Parallel 42. It seems that extension was enabled when updating the 747 Immersion product page on a fresh install of Chrome! Sooooo, because I exposed my cloud to you, I'd love to gift you a copy of 747 Immersion for winning the internet today, and writing a piece of //42 history we will forever laugh about!


Edson Soriano

Managing Director, //42


































You know you wanted to know: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cloud-to-butt-plus/apmlngnhgbnjpajelfkmabhkfapgnoai?hl=en

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Thank you so very much!  Quite unexpected.  I don't yet have the 747 pack, but was considering it.


Interesting background info.  I don't have any knowledge of this type of stuff, so thanks for sharing that, too!

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