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KLZU has the wrong ILS frequency for runway 25 in freeware package.  The frequency for many years has been 109.95, but the airport in the freeware package still has it as 111.75.


111.75 is currently in use for KATL runway 28, so when using a payware KATL that adds runway 10/28, the proximity of KLZU interferes with ILS28 approaches at KATL.  I run a navaids update package that fixes all of the world navaids, but the freeware airports package overwrites that change and sets it back to 111.75. 


I have fixed this myself using ADE to fix the freeware airport, but it would be nice to have it fixed at the source.

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Hello Everyone,


So, I can understand ORBXs position in the need to be as close to the sim as possible.  That being said however, and as is readily apparent, nav data does change.  I use aero.sors package to update the default scenery.  I find it makes flying online more in sync with current nav data.  


I personally just had a bad situation flying VATSIM to KACK using Orbx KACK purchased airport (which I really like btw however...)  because the scenery frequency was different than the GTN frequency.  It took my a long to figure out that being unable to establish on the ILS wasn't "my fault" because the sim was expecting a different frequency.


So, to make a long story short.  I fixed it using the ADE editor, but that was also a bit of a pain.  I would like to suggest that Orbx create a utility that would allow the end user to modify airport properties so we can more easily get the nav data up to date at our (and yes it would be unsupported/user beware) discretion.


Thanks and regards.


P.S. I'm using P3Dv4.5 and the latest 'everything Orbx'

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it's a good idea but many of the bespoke airports do not use the ADE method of numbering runways.

If your quest is to approximate real life as closely as possible, landing on runway 10 numbered as 11

or 09 isn't going to help the cause.

Add to that the real world habit of changing taxiway layouts and naming and it should soon become

clear why the airports need to be a snapshot in time.

The Orbx freeware airports are offered "as is", in response to customer requests.

To update them all would be beyond either the scope or the remit of their developers, some of whom

are no longer with Orbx at all.


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