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active KSJC missing bridge textures


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I'm using KSJC in P3D v4.5 with Global vector and open LC North America but without Northern California.


There are two bridges with missing textures, and I also have some strangely placed electricity pylons interfering with the scenery.



Bridge 2.jpg

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Hi there,


The bridge texture problem can be solved by going to wherever you have KSJC installed and copying the file 'PBR_KSJC_bridges_C_DXT1_A.dds' from the folder Texture.SD to the folder Texture. Unfortunately this texture is not being installed in the higher resolution texture set.


I'm afraid the only way I can find to get rid of the pylons is to de-activate the Power Lines in vector (in the vector configuration tool under various features). Not an ideal solution I know but the best I can suggest for now. I tried to come up with an exclude file to get rid of them but couldn't make it work.

As far as I can see they only appear if vector alone is active without either the Northern California region or the True Earth region active.


All the best,



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