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answered Too Many Towers

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I've had this happen a few times now where I have a bunch of shimmering vertical lines around airports, or towers.  Regular towers are present but there are extra vertical lines.   I have attached a few pictures.  Not sure what is going on or if there is an easy fix.  Doesn't really bother me, it's just weird.  Thanks

Greg Soper

Pic one around KALB

Pick two around KPWM



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These have been an issue for some people in some earlier FSX and P3D versions - see e.g.  Holger's responses to posts in 2018 in FSX support forum

but it seems there are more reports in P3D5 now.  Lots of recent discussion on the LM forums e.g.


Never noticed any towers in P3D4, but they've popped up in my newly installed P3D5HF2. 

Particularly visible at night.


(I'm using  P3D 5.0.32/3523, Orbx Base, Vector, and openLC NA in both P3D4 and P3D5. 

Don't see towers when flying in my Orbx western regions.

I use Chaseplane, but see them even when CP isn't running, so it isn't a CP camera thing.)


Since so many use Orbx products, it is hard to know whether this is an Orbx issue or strictly an LM P3D issue.

Hope both Orbx and LM will elevate the priority and investigate


Meanwhile, is deactivating hazards.bgl an acceptable workaround fix ?

In his 2018 post (above) Holger cautioned that there was a downside to doing this.

Does deactivating hazards.bgl create serious problems in P3D5 ?

For those who have tried this, please share your experience.


Chuck O



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On 7/22/2020 at 9:02 AM, appie said:

Wow that scenery looks terrible. You have more than one issue there.:blink::blink:

Ha Ha, I know.  that is zoomed way in.  I wondered if someone was going to say that.  I was flying at like 34000 and was a ways off.  It's actually fine.  



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