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answered wrong airplanes in scenery- KEYW


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Hello,  why is there a static CRJ Air France at Key West?  this is wrong.  please update your product(s) to not have incorrect airlines and or plane types in your scenery. If it is x-plane doing this, why does it place the incorrect planes and how can you stop it? it is very annoying, ie seeing a united 737 at Heathrow. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 3.47.54 PM.png

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The Air France plane is nothing to do with the Orbx KEYW addon. I suspect you are using Traffic Global and it is that programme that is adding the incorrect plane not Orbx.

I attach 2 pics as I also use Traffic Global. The first shows the location of your pic with Traffic Global settings at zero. No Air France jet is there. 

The second pic shows what happens when I set Traffic Global to 100%. It adds a plane in the exact position your Air France plane appears in your pic.

Please address the issue of wrong planes in wrong locations to the Traffic Global developers at JustFlight or their forum section at x-plane.org.

If you are not using Traffic Global then please address the issue to the developers of the AI traffic programme you are using.


Traffic Global at zero:



Traffic Global at 100%



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